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6X6 Collage Exchange

6x6 Monthly Collage Swap!
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This community is for the monthly exchange of collages. If you love to express yourself through art and collage, and you love getting and receiving mail, then this community is for you.

Please read all of the info here before you join.

Here's how it works:

Each month, around the first, I will post a poll with a theme, and ask if you'd like to participate. You will fill in the poll with your name, email address and snail mail address. I will close the poll about 2 or 3 days later, and then pair you up with someone. I will email you with the information on the person to whom you will send your collage, along with a mail by date. I will then post a 'Have you sent your collage?' poll and a 'Have you received a collage?' poll. Please fill out these polls as soon as you have sent/received your collage.

Requirements for membership: You must have 6x6_collage on your friends list. This way you won't miss the polls! You must also make sure you read ALL of the community info page. That's what you're reading now, so there's not that much further to go.

Collage Requirements: Each collage must be 6" X 6" in size. Each collage must be created or mailed in a way that they do not get destroyed during mailing. You must keep within the theme each month. That being said, the themes will be open for interpretation, meaning, for example, if the theme is 'life', you'd make a collage based on your interpretation of that theme, and what that theme means to you. On the back of the collage: Please put your username and the theme, and maybe a little about yourself. Other than that, anything goes.

Please post about the collages you receive, and if possible, post pics!

The general and generic rules of most communities apply to this one as well. Do not be mean. Mean people suck and I don't wish to associate with people who suck.

DO NOT criticize or demean anyone or their art. You will absolutely be banned for this!!!

You may advertise your snailmail or art community here, but you MUST get my permission first!

Please get my permission before making off topic posts!

Maintained by pennyroyalist. Any problems or questions, email me at pennyroyalist@livejournal.com